Story Time!

Alright, well I figured it was about time to post what I said I would as one of my regular features. Matter of fact, I even made a (empty) category for it! So here goes… I’m gonna post a story! (snazzy fanfare theme song plays) Ok, so this is one that I wrote a little bit ago, not a very long one, but meaningful to say the least. Well, to me anyways. Coincidentally, I wrote it in the back of a church. Here it is:

– Three girls sat in the back of the church. They giggled, passing notes and sketching pictures on the envelopes that were so conveniently provided in the back of each seat, for faithful tithers and hopeful visitors. The pastor rattled on at the front of the sanctuary, preaching the “Good News” and “God’s Saving Grace that flowed from His throne and the train of His robe”. But as usual they were not paying attention, nor did they care for whatever he was talking about, as they enthralled themselves in each other’s comments and mockery of the people that sat, listening to the sermon. One, in particular, was a young woman who had not other reason to be there but that of the hope that she would receive some, supernatural blessing that would help her make it through another week, hoping that she would last till the next service, and restart the process of watching, waiting, wanting a sign that could keep her going. Three in the back just watched, judging and mocking this tattered young woman who was at her last resort. As she walked out of the building, the three said not a word, just staring, now and then one of them turning to snicker to the others. Three days later, a young woman was found at her home. She was dead. The cause was suicide. –

Depressing, I know right? But nonetheless, it’s an example of the power of our words, and it says that our action (or inaction) has the power of life and death… literally. Now, you may not believe in God, or even care one way or the other, but hopefully you realize that regardless of who you are, your actions hold weight. You never know.

As always, you can feel free to give your thoughts on this topic, or even comment about an idea for a new post and tell me what you want to hear. You can also email me at as well.

– Nocturne out, ya’ll…



  1. Jukebox Said:

    So true. I know someone who killed herself and the pain is not like any other. To think that maybe I could have said something or done something more will probably always be with me. I am a Christian and I give her to God. I know there is nothing more I can do. But for people who make fun of others and do things on purpose to hurt others, really need to realize what they are doing. I see this most with the younger people (teens/ middle and high schoolers) They need to realize that words do have weight. Life and death are in our words. Thank you for posting this. It’s not a subject a lot of people will tackle.

  2. Jukebox,
    Thank you. I know that personally suicide and depression is a close-to-home subject for me. I had suicidal tendencies when I was younger, and spent most of my time in depression. So I know that this story holds weight, and so do the words of the people that speak against those in depression. It’s definitely a hard subject, but I’m glad that I have the opportunity and the privilege of bringing it to light. Hopefully I can present more hard-hitting topics in the future.

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