Hey ya’ll! So I recently signed up for twitter, and let me tell you, it’s a crazy world out there. It was very stressing at first, just the thought of finding just the right people to follow, you know, the people that I was interested in. Then the thought of millions of people knowing exactly what you tweeted, and choosing the right tweet for the right moment was rather intimidating. I mean, I’ve only been signed on for a day, but still! Anyways, altogether it’s a great site for social networking, letting people know what’s going on with your life, blog, and business, and just a fun (addicting) pursuit of what you are interested in. You can follow who you want, and not follow who you really could care less about.

So shout out and feed back, yall.



  1. Jukebox Said:

    Twitter! sucks!!! GO FACEBOOK!!! 🙂

  2. Felecia Said:

    I got a twitter account two days ago, to try it out. Still overwhelmed by it and looking for a good group of people to follow.

  3. Yeah, believe me it is indeed overwhelming!

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