New “Project”

Ok, so I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while; been kinda busy lazy lately. So, to make it up to you, here’s a snippet from a new project I’m working on. It got started as a freewriting/just-write-because-if-you-don’t-you’ll-go-mad session I did a while back. So here you go:

– On this particular night, the weather did not happen to be a friend to the dark stranger. He walked down the path, which lead to the old house at the far end of the neighborhood. It was storming, lightning was flashing, it was thundering. But the man just walked calmly on. He did not care that the weather was stormy, or that the rain was pouring down. He did not care that the wind was blowing hard enough to bend a small tree over itself. He thought only of the task at hand, only of what he had to do. This was all he knew, all he needed. He knew only that he had to complete this mission, and he knew how.

He walked up to the door of the house and, seeing it was open, stepped inside. He took a quick look around, and walked through the hallway, which had many doors. As he walked, he stopped at each door, opened it, and looked inside. Not finding what he was searching for, he would leave the room, and continue walking down the hallway. The last room was right in front of him now. He slowly opened the door, and peered inside. Stepping into the room, he braced himself for what was inside.  He took a quick look around the room, finally seeing what he was looking for. Piercing, bloodshot eyes were staring back at him from the far corner of the room, and he froze with the icy grip of an unknown hand. The shadowy figure turned, leaped through the open window, and disappeared in the fog. He went to the window, and looked out into the night below. It had escaped. He had followed it up until now, almost perfectly so, and now he had let it escape. He walked out of the house, furious that he had failed. –

Pretty crazy huh? Well, maybe not yet, but the rest is spectacular. Well, it will be anyways. So thanks for reading! I will post – or try to post- more later this week, so again as usual, email me at, comment below, give me thoughts, ideas, suggestions, anything you want to see.

Until next time,

Nocturne out.



  1. Felecia Said:

    Pretty good start, I’m interested to see how the story develops.

  2. Jukebox Said:

    A very good start indeedy…this could go in very many directions, I am interested to see which one you take… 🙂

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