Ok so, today I am sick ( 😦 ) which totally sucks because I am missing church. Which I love. So I figured instead, I’d lay on the couch sucking down soup and hot tea, popping cough drops and Theraflu ™ , and bring you lovely people a new blog post. So here are some thoughts on life, or a sudden lack thereof, from my perspective.

What if you didn’t have a name? What if you couldn’t tell anyone what it was? Where would you go if you couldn’t go home? Would it be cozy? Would it be easy to get to? What if you could tell anyone anything, or even everyone one thing? Would it be harsh? Would it be acceptable? Would it be sweet or hard to swallow? What would you do if you could do anything? What if you could do everything? How about if you could do nothing at all? Would you go mad with anticipation, or rest in the peace of the moment? What if everything you did was a lie? What if it was too real? How would you sleep at night if you knew you did something you shouldn’t? What would you wear if it was your last night on earth? Would it be comfortable or stylish? Where would you go, what would you do? Who would you choose to spend your last few moments with? Would it be your friends? Your family? Your closest loved ones, or the one you chose to spend your life with? Would you be alone? Would you want to be if you were? Would you seek out companionship with strangers, or opt to leave this earth by yourself, a lone wolf to the end? Would you choose me? Would you choose her? Or even Him? Would you choose God? Or do you even believe He cares? Would you keep yourself living in a nightmare or try to wake up? Would you die whole, in body, spirit, and soul? Would you even care? Would you try? Or do you believe that it’s even worth the effort? Would you hate yourself for being this way, or try to find a better path to take? Even if you had a thousand years to dwell in the presence of Humanity and the nature they posses, would you try to make it right? Better, even? Or do you even care to give it even one last shot, before you find yourself slipping slowly into the destructive, waking nightmare of madness that your very soul has lain before you? Do you want to find out where that path leads? Or would you find a new way? Would you try, even if you knew you were going to fail? Would you give up, even if you knew there was no way you could ever fail?



  1. Jukebox Said:

    Dude, I really like this one too. You know, it reminds me of my ex in a way. We used to argue about changing the world. He didn’t believe you could.That there wasn’t any point to fight ignorance or to change stereotypes or anything. Things would always be the same. He called me naive and you know I think I would rather be naive in regards to this subject anyways. If you can’t change anything, if you can’t make a difference what is the point? Why are we here? To live miserable lives and then die? I can’t believe that. Things have to change even if I am the only one changing. You have to try. All the crap in our lives can’t be for nothing. It has to be able to help someone else. If not, if he is right, then there really isn’t any point to life. Thank God, He is a good God 🙂

    • I agree! In every way. People who walk around with that kind of attitude aren’t ever going to accomplish anything anyways, so I guess in a way they’re right. At least about themselves…

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