What’s inside of YOU?

What am I avoiding? What are we all avoiding? Fear? Yes. The Unknown? Of course, all are. But what is it really? What is it that lurks deep within, releasing horror deep through us all. The shiver in your spine, the hair raised to attention on your neck. What is it that, though very much a part of us, causes even our own demise?

evil cat

The beast. The primal nature within all of us that just shrieks to be released. To be feral for a day; just to be bad for the sake of it. Would it be horrid? Or would it frighten you more to find that you relished every moment of it. What will happen if we DON’T avoid it is, I fear, the real question here. So what would happen? We lose our sanity altogether.

Lycanthropy. Most people outside of horror writing communities and Hollywood studios don’t consider this term often. The ability to shift into a beast, unleashing that primal nature has appealed to people for generations. Why? What causes this innate fascination? The beast. All of us wish to let it out, whether we know it or not. We all want to see it, to feel it, to allow it to envelope our very consciousness. The idea of being consumed with this primal power excites us. And for good reason.

Why don’t we then? What keeps us from unleashing this evil upon the world with all it’s horrors? Why shouldn’t we let the beast rule? Our humanity perhaps?

But what is it that makes us human? Our logic? Our reason? No, that’s not it. That’s not ALL I mean. What makes us human is that deep within all of us, sitting right next to that awful beast, is a sense of moral accuracy. Love, life, joy. What is right, what is wrong. What is evil, what is good. The yin-yang of life, if you will. Love, life, joy. There are, indeed, two natures inside each of us. Which one will you choose? As for me, for now, I choose life.

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  1. Emily Dukes Said:

    “We have three. Three personalities in one. The good, the bad, and the poor soul struggling in between.”

    Sorry, I felt like quoting Ted Dekker there :))

    • You know, that’s a very good point. The “poor soul” is the one who has it the worst, I’m afraid. The bad relishes in the notion of being bad, the good too preoccupied with- well, being good, while the poor soul is being torn apart by every whim and notion. Very clever 😉

      • Christina Adleman Said:

        Okay, so first off I’m thrilled that you Emily somehow discovered Sam’s blog, and even more thrilled that you posted! : ) Hehe…
        Anywho, I completely agree, the torn feeling between right and wrong decimates the soul, and gives nothing but inner turmoil, while the bad knows not of good, and good knows not of bad. As the greatest book ever written once said, “everyone who does evil hates the light… whoever lives by the Truth comes into the light.” – food for thought. : )

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