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Ok check this out. So I saw this movie the other day called “Hardwired.” Great movie, but don’t really recommend to younger viewers considering that a dude’s head explodes in the first scene.

Anywho, the basic story is that this guy gets into a car wreck and is taken to the hospital. He is about to die and has no insurance, so this random organization sticks a chip in his brain. He wakes up with amnesia and a serious headache, soon finding out that he sees advertisements from different companies -get this- In his MIND! Trippy right? Long story short, he tries to take down this organization and get his memories back, and therefore his life.

Now at the beginning of the movie it basically goes through a whole scene that shows advertisements made by big companies like Gatorade, Visa, and Dole being projected onto monuments like the Statue Of Liberty and Mount Rushmore, as well as THE MOON! (made possible by Pepsi Co.) At the end, the main antagonist (and head of the organization) explains the chip’s purpose with a quote that I thought was really creepy in terms of future advertising. He says, “I’m sorry, there’s just no more space. Grand advertising everywhere you can imagine. It’s reached a saturation point. So we had to create a new space.”

Honestly, I think this is insane. Give it a rest big-time ad companies! I mean in my opinion, at this point in time everyone who is gonna hear about your product has pretty much already heard of it I guarantee. But instead, they choose to saturate us in their super advertisements and commercialism. I mean think about it: You wake up in the morning and turn on the news. In between news breaks you see commercials for “the nutritious part of this breakfast!” You drive to your work place and see billboards upon billboards. You go into your office and on the break room tv, or sometimes even on your office buildings or computers they are waiting. Go to any bus stop or train station. Ads. Even our holidays are unsafe!

Christmas for instance. What has it become if not a bunch of commercialism fed nonsense that, if anything, takes you away from the Christmas spirit considering the annoying shoppers, busy malls, crowded parking lots… and that’s just one example! What would happen if we as consumers decided to break out of the mold and say, “No! We won’t buy what you have to sell. Kiss my tail, Paid Advertising!” Now, that’s probably gonna happen considering that we are indeed materialistic in nature, not always in a bad way, but we “need” stuff. I’m not saying that you should start some kind of uprising in your local mall, but this is ridiculous!

Here’s where you come in. What do you think? How would you stop (or succumb) to advertising businesses and commercialism in our homes and workplaces? Maybe you think it’s necessary, or even welcome! Why do you think so? Maybe you are in the advertising business. Your thoughts are welcome as well! How is life in the biz? Do you disagree or agree? Tell me why.

As always, ideas, tips, and questions are always welcome.

Nocturne out.