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Depths of Soul

Alright, so today’s post is a little more on the darker side, but rest assured, the poem posted is scrumptious indeed. Seriously. I wrote it very recently in a spiritual dry spell, if you will. I just put my pen to the paper and wrote what was in my soul. Check it out:

“Confusion, death

Why? Why run, why hide?

Escape? Necessary?

Not a chance, not a prayer.

Fear? Afraid?

Losing heart, losing mind.

Won’t make it, can’t make it,

Run away to ne’er return.

Where? “To hell, to hell” they cry.

How? If in a frenzy, not too soon,

You’ll lose your bloody mind before.

Fiery depths, reaching inside;

Don’t hold it back, this is my choice.

If ever hope, if ever hope,

Here it lacks, devoid of love.

Desolate and cold, refraining from heart,

Desolate faith, left in ruin…”

So what’d you think? Like it? Yeah, I do too. It’s really amazing when you can just write from your soul, just write what comes naturally. Open up your spirit and let it roam. It’s somewhat different when you write what’s inside your being than when you, “let out your muse,” if you will. But whatever.

Again, let me know what you think, want, know, blah blah blah. Comment box is below, email is And remember folks, next week is when I post the story from the writing prompt last week, so submit your entries. I have a few good ones so make sure you get yours in so I can review them. That is all

Until next time,

-Nocturne out