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A Haiku, For You

A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that was originally written with 17 moras (a sort of pause), with 5, 7, and 5 moras in each row. Typically it was written with a kigo (or a seasonal reference) and a kireji (an audible pause that serves as a break in a verse or poem). It was written in Japanese as one line downwards, and was adapted as three lines in the English form. So here is my somewhat feeble attempt at a haiku about the 5 Japanese elements.

An Adjoined, Elemental Haiku:

Ka (fire) is all alone,

None else are as powerful.

Except for lightning!

Chi (earth) is very strong,

Immovable, rock can be.

Why do you try so?

Mizu (water) flows with ease,

As a fool’s mind, it changes.

Unsteady she is…

Fu (wind) blows everywhere,

It is raging all over.

Then it is quiet…

Sora (void) is empty,

Yet it is always active.

How can it be tamed?


Thank you for reading,

It has brought joy to my heart.

Now I go to eat!