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Any place can be magical in the snow, even your own backyard. Normally my backyard is pretty dull, with patches of grass, patches of dirt, and even a hill and some trees. But there’s something special about a Georgia winter that’s covered in snow, I mean real snow. Not many people who are natural-born Georgians can say that they’ve even seen snow, much less seen the entire ground smothered with it. Granted, most of us have seen sleet before; even ice and hail too. But a white day in our state is an unnatural and special ordeal.

Walking outside of my house, the first thing to notice is the cold. It was practically freezing! But when you finally get over the icy breeze, there’s a tranquil feeling that passes through you, as if the snow itself has decided to run through your veins. Just looking at the ground makes you feel out-of-place. The low hanging trees bending from the weight of the snow, and the icy fences highlighted from the wintery background added to the surreal effect of the morning. Blissfully you are drawn to walk off the patio and into the drifting snow that looks so crisp and light, almost like sugar set upon the stony walkway. However looks indeed deceive and you immediately sink into the wet and clinging blanket. But that does not faze you, for the magical excitement overwhelms and you find yourself running through the blank canvas that has been laid out during the night. Footprints leave their mark and the atmosphere dares to play as a child, giggling with glee once again. The snowballs will fly, and angels caress the snowy grounds. The amount of snow is ridiculous! As you romp it seems as though it will never run out.

Later in the day the ice sets in and it tempts you to slip and slide across it as you frolic across the drive. As night comes you return indoors to the warmth and cozy in with a blanket and a mug, reflecting on the day. The family eagerly talks over one another, creating a delightful cacophony of excitement. As you sit by the window, you look outside for one last glimpse at the beautiful cloak of snow, seemingly undisturbed by the wreckage of today’s events. A warm chill runs through you as you once again smell the cold air, feeling as much a part of the scenery as the snow itself. It has been a good day. All in all, the snow this weekend was a spectacle to see, almost like stepping through a wardrobe 😉