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Writing Prompt Entry

Alright so it’s finally time for what I said I was going to post two weeks ago: The writing prompt story! It’s actually a privilege to be able to post this one considering the author is a very close friend of mine. She’s a young writer who has a way with words like no one else I know. Seriously she can put together a story with no promise at all in the most elegant of ways. But please don’t think that this influenced my decision at all; every time I read her entry I just love it all the more. So without further ado, Christina Adleman’s post:

-Two men pass on a darkened street,
Only passing, never to meet.
A stranger to sight, it might have appeared,
but what ever between them forever leered,
was that within kindred spirits resided.
Though eternally they were divided.

Always separate yet always perceiving each other. Like Montague and Capulets were these two men. Adversity was forever between them , though not once were they ever to view the other face to face or eye to eye. For as long as history has been or will be has a rivalry divided the families of the two. Though within them both resides a similarity unmistakable, for they are both alone in this world, and have turned their backs on the love of God. All they now desire are the earthly carnal things this world provides. There seems to be no hope for their future, even though they are but in their youth. Can they ever open their eyes, or will they remain blind to the Truth forever? This is the struggle of so many in this deceived nation, but most do not even realize that they are blind…

Huh? Awesome right? Yeah I thought so too. I really don’t have that much else to say other than thank you for reading this, and thank you Christina for writing it!  In writing this entry she actually told me, “Who knows, maybe my story will really impact someone, and that’s how revival works; one heart at a time.” So trust me when I say this girl is legit. She really want’s to touch the hearts of this generation, and do so within the heart of God.

Until next time

-Nocturne out


Writing Prompt Number The First One

Ok, so check this out. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and posts about writing recently, and decided to try my hand at the whole writing prompt thing. Now, I’m gonna do it a tad differently than some, but that’s kinda how I do. Soooo…..

– Two men pass on a darkened street,

Only in passing, never to meet.

A stranger to sight, it might have appeared…

Ready? Good, because now comes your job. Write a short story, paragraph, or even a sentence (if that’s how you roll) about these two men, and whatever it is that “might have appeared” about them. Put the story in a comment below if you want, or email the story (for you shy types 😉 ) along with your name, your url/blog page if you have one, and whatever other info you want to send to my email at, and get this: I’m gonna post the best story next week on the blog*, along with a link back to your site, and whatever other info you send, so this is your chance to get some sweet publicity (yes, yes, I know it’s not much considering I get like 15 hits a day, but still…)

*All copyright for the story, poem, post or whatever belong solely to… you! So trust and believe that I am not going to jack your story I assure you.

Until next time, feel free to comment (or email) your ideas, thoughts, comments, or whatever else.

Nocturne out.